Will The United States Postal Service Become Obsolete One Day?

The Post Office operates like it will never go away, but let’s look at the truth of the matter. How much mail do you get? Surprisingly, yes, banks and credit card companies still provide the option of paper statements. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they do. But don’t you see that it’s now an unnecessary expense? It’s a sad day if the USPS ever closes up shop for good, but I think it is inevitable, don’t you?

We are almost in the nostalgic phase already when it comes to the USPS. What is the nostalgic phase? It’s the phase where society keeps something going even when there isn’t a need because people are nostalgic for it. When something is so popular that it has a nostalgic phase, people tend to think it won’t ever go away.

The world keeps changing, however, and eventually, it doesn’t make good sense for a number of reasons to keep many things going based on nostalgia. Glass bottles of soda sprinkling gas stations across the US are one thing, but the USPS is an organization that must remain profitable to keep its doors open.

USPS Organization

The USPS government of course oversees the USPS, so I suppose they will keep it around as long as they can, even despite a lack of profitability. If the USPS were a private company, it’s possible that it could have seen its demise already. So given all of this, how much longer do you think the United States Postal Service will be around?

If I had to take a guess, I would give it until around 2025, a little less than 10 years. I hope it lasts longer than that of course, but you just never know. The USPS could continue to evolve and actually still be used by businesses and people in general.

Think about the landline phones. They have evolved and have for the most part stuck around for the sake of nostalgia. However, businesses have them in place still, and that is what is really surprising in many ways. One of these days, they will likely become obsolete, and U suppose as mentioned, the same thing will happen to the United States Post Office. For now, let’s hope that we can keep buying stamps and mailing letters. That reminds me about paper checks because banks will one day leave those off the table, too. To know more visit www.change-of-address-online.com.