USPS Change Of Address is Necessity for Moving

Few people look forward to moving. Packing everything up and physically moving it to a new address and then settling in is bad enough, but often moving also involves finding that new place to live as well as temporarily dealing with whatever is causing the move to happen. That can be anything from cheaper rent to a new job opportunity, but it’s always stressful.

united states postal service change of address

Let USPS Know About Your Moving

Among the million details that go into moving, one thing that can not be forgotten is handling the USPS change of address. In short, the postal service needs to know you are moving so they stop delivering your mail after you are no longer at that residence. That stops future residents from getting mail that isn’t theirs and hopefully routes it to your new address.

Request Change of Address Before Moving

It’s best to actually do the USPS change of address request before you actually move, as it can take a little while to process. In most cases, you can submit this request either online or in-person at your home post office. It’s best to consult the website or talk to a staff member to find out just how far in advance you should make the change. Also, you might have to visit the website to find out what your ‘home’ post office is. It might not actually be the one physically closest to you depending on where you live in relation to ZIP code boundaries and lines.

Update Address Individually with Your Contacts

Even if you submit a United States postal service change of address request with the postal service, it’s still good to go through a list of everyone you regularly receive mail from and update your address with them individually just to make sure. Many of them automatically find out from the post office or own their own, but mail routing doesn’t last forever.