Social Security Card Replacement Documents

If you’ve lost or misplaced your social security card, you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible. To do this, you’ll need to fill out a form and show proof of who you are.

Proof of Identity

You’ll have to have your birth certificate and a piece of identification with your picture on it. You’ll have to either send in the original copies or go to their office in person and show them proof of who you are.

If you send the information in, they will return these to you very quickly in the mail. They won’t bend them or anything, they will send them in a manilla envelope and address it directly to you.

Time Taken for Getting New Card

Once you’ve proven who you are, it will take about two to four weeks for you to receive your new card in the mail. Until then, you can tell your new boss your social security number and tell them that as soon as you receive your new card you’ll make a copy for them.


The paperwork will entail you filling in the application and your social security number. You will not receive a new number, just a new card with the same number on it.

Make sure that your name is spelled correctly on your social security card and keep your new card in a safe place. Remember, you must fill out the ss cards online form in order to receive a new card.

You can’t just send them the information and ask them to send you a new card, if it’s not accompanied by the right form, you’re going to have a serious delay in receiving your social security card.

Be sure that you fill in all of the blanks on the form and that you accompany the form with the proper documentation to receive a new card.