How To Change Your Name With The Social Security Office

Shortly after you were born, one of the first things that happened was that a social security number was obtained in your name. This is an important number that is used by the federal government and other agencies to track who you are and what you are going. Primarily, it is used for the purposed of financial transactions, including tax forms and opening bank accounts.

Changing Name On Social Security Card

Quite often, people get new cards when they become adults, or around that time. This allows them to have a new card that has their signature rather than the one used by the guardian who signed t+he original. However, some folks opt to keep that one until it needs to be replaced for some reasons. While one of those reasons is loss, another is name changes.

If you are interested in changing your name with the social security administration offices, you will need to provide various paperwork to do so. You will not be able to take care of the process online due to the paperwork that is involved. Though you can get a replacement card in the same name via the web, you cannot do so if you are changing any part of your name during the process.

Before you can change your name with the social security office, you will need to have it legally changed. This can be done in several different ways, with the most common being marriage. However, during divorces, many women opt to retake their maiden name. Some others choose to go back to the name of their previous husband, particularly if they had children together.

It is also possible for people to go through the courts to have their name legally changed for other purposes. Some transgender people opt to select a new name that better reflects their being while others choose to change their name to get a fresh start.

Information Required During Formal Hearing

In these and other cases, the proper information must be gathered and taken to the judge during a formal hearing. An attorney can assist you with how to go through this process in your state. Once you have the legal paperwork completely processed and approved, you can then apply for a change of name with the social security office.

Because this is something that must be done in the local office, it is important that you do everything possible to minimize the amount of time you must spend there. Visit the government website to find out exactly what documentation is necessary for you to complete the application and process.

You will need to have proof of who you were prior to the name change, as well as the documents showing that you have legal rights to the new name you want on the card. A state issued driver’s license or identification card can be used to help establish your identity. Make sure that you review everything carefully and then organize all of your paperwork.

Going in to the local social security office can be daunting for some folks. Sometimes the lines are long and the place crowded. This is why being prepared is in your best interests. When you arrive, you will need to take a number and information as to why you are there. An employee will call you to the front and begin processing your application once your number comes up.

The office can provide a print-out for you showing that you have applied for a new card in the new name. This might be sufficient for some employers to accept until the actual card comes in. However, agencies don’t have to accept the letter itself.

In order to make your time at the social security office a bit easier, you should take something with you to do while you are waiting. If you have a tablet, you can play games or read a book. While the lines can sometimes move quickly, that is not always the case. It is far better to be prepared than it is to wait for a long time with nothing that you can really do.

Social Security Process

Once you have completed the application, the social security card application will have to process all of the data prior to sending you a brand new card in the name you now have legally. This can take several days or even a week or two. The office can give you a better approximation based on the paperwork turnover at that time.

Your social security card is a valuable document that must match your legal name. It is essential that you change this quickly after the legal process has been completed. Doing so will allow you to transfer all of your legal documentation to the new name. Then, make sure you keep the new card somewhere safe so you can easily find it again when needed.