How Can You Track A Package That Was Transferred From UPS To USPS?

If you are placed in order online for a package, and you thought it was going to be delivered by UPS, you may suddenly receive a notification that it is now being delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. This is quite common, and there can be many reasons for this occurring. It could be that the vendor has decided to not use UPS. Another problem is that you may be in a location where the package that is going to be delivered is quite large, and this will require them to use bigger trucks. As a result of this, they will quickly switch over your package from UPS to USPS. You should also receive some type of tracking that can show you where the packages.

What If The New Tracking Information Is Not Provided?

When the new information is not provided directly to you, you need to consider your options. You can contact the company that you purchase this from two request this information. If you have not received this information after a couple of days, this is a clear sign that they have forgotten to do so. You may also want to check your junk mail, just to make sure that they did not send it, and it was automatically sent to your junk mail instead.

Can You Call Them Up To Talk With Them?

It is possible for you to contact an actual person and talk with them directly. This is something that many people prefer. They may not be computer savvy, and as a result of that, they will want to have a toll-free number so they can talk to a representative. By giving them the order number that you have, they can find that order, and then see if any new tracking has been provided. If it has, they will send you that email directly. If it has not, they will then create that email for you so that you can receive this in your inbox.

Is The Tracking Really That Different?

The tracking really isn’t that different, however, it is going to be provided by two different companies. The tracking systems used by USPS, and that which is provided by UPS, are going to be on completely different systems. If you have not been able to find out where your packages after quite some time, this is another reason to call. They can quickly track where the packages on their end, and once they have found it, they can give you a quick update on when it will be delivered.

In most cases, when there is a switch over from UPS to USPS, a new email will be generated. This will allow you to login to the United States Postal Service website, specifically the tracking section. If this happens, and you do not receive an email, you now know who you should contact for change your address online and also find out where the packages. It’s always good to know if it is on its way, and after you have been sent the updated tracking info, you can follow it until it arrives at your home or place of business.