Get Your USPS Change Of Address Confirmation Letter By Snail Mail Or Email

If you change your address in person at the USPS, you are going to get a confirmation letter sent to you. That gives you peace of mind that you know the post office is going to do exactly what you have asked. Did you know that you an also submit your change of address online? It’s quite easy, and in that case, you would be sent a confirmation email and not a letter. You would get the same peace of mind from that confirmation email.

Submitting Change Of Address Online

Doesn’t it sound like submitting your change of address online would be a much better solution? There is a convenience charge of $1, but you can of course skip that if you would rather visit the post office in person. You never know, you might visit the post office on a day when there aren’t very many people in line. That would be great, but you are going to have to see what happens when you get there. That’s called rolling the dice.

Then there is the fact that you still have to fill the form out and drop it off at the mailbox. The only plus side really is the fact that you get all of the discounts and movers benefits in a physical packet right away. Do you still get the mover’s packet if you submit your request online? There are pros and cons to doing it both ways, but not everyone has extra time for stopping by the post office, especially when they are in the middle of planning a big move.

Change of Address Submitted To USPS

You need to submit your request in a timely manner, so you are going to want to make sure you get it done one way or the other. Do so well enough ahead of time, and you be holding that confirmation letter in your hand well ahead of schedule. Of course, you could also get that confirmation email in your inbox well ahead of schedule. Either way would be nice, but you have to get that change of address submitted with the United States Post Office so that you get your mail on time.

When was the last time you had to submit a change of address? The last time I did it, it wasn’t quite common yet for people to submit the change of address usps cost online. About 7 years later, it is quite common, and so you can easily take care of the process at your convenience and from wherever you are using a mobile device. You could do it at work, at home, in bed, wherever you like.


Just make sure you remember that it is going to cost you the convenience fee of $1. That’s not bad if you think about it because what if you had to take off work just to make it by the post office during business hours? That would make it cost you more than $1 for sure. Many places of business and organizations are providing ways for people to handle business matters online, and even the USPS, known for snail mail, is doing so.