Forward Your Mail With A Change Of Address Without Running Into These Problems

When you want to forward your mail, sometimes it’s permanent and sometimes it’s temporary. What type of situation do you have on your hands? With the last move I made, I was and still am getting mail at three different places. Let me tell you what happened to me so that you can avoid any of the mistakes I made when I moved and left a forwarding address. It has been a mess that has had to be naturally undone over time, and you can save yourself the frustration.

Change of Address Online - Temp

Fill Card For Change Of Address

When I moved a little over five years ago, I filled out the card for a change of address. Had I spoken to a person at the post office, they likely would have told me that I couldn’t change my address to a place of business if the individual condo units didn’t have mailboxes setup. Actually, it should have been a question I asked the homeowners association when I was buying the condo. Well the change of address went through.

Change of Address Process

It makes me wonder what it would tell me now if I tried to fill a Change of Address Online – Temp. Would it stop me from changing it to a business address with an individual condo number? At the same time, I mentioned that the post office actually did change my address. The problem occurred when I tried to change it back. They said they couldn’t do it, that it wouldn’t change my address from a business back to another address.

Problems That May Arise In Change of Address

As you can imagine, that left me puzzled. I communicated my new PO Box to everyone directly, and that is how I handle my mail after that. Problem is, I told you I get mail at three different places now thanks to all of that. I get mail at the office that manages the condos where I live, and I’m not supposed to anymore. They return it now. I get mail at my PO Box, and some places of business send mail still to my old address in Texas, probably because it gets returned from the condo and they don’t have the PO Box. So, that was and is my debacle. Think about what you need to do to change your address and not run into those problems.