Did My USPS Change Of Address Online And It Was Easy

I was in the process of moving, when I realized I needed to change my address. Since I had a PO Box I thought about just keeping it and using it but I wanted one that was closer to my home. I didn’t want to travel out of my way to get my mail. I wanted to do a change of address through the USPS and wanted to see how I could do it.

usps change of address

USPS Website

I went online and found the USPS website and took a look at it. I found that I could either do the change of address at the actual post office or I could do it online. Since that looked like the easiest way to do the change of address, I decided to do it that way. I had to pay a small fee, but it was so easy to do it.

I wanted to check the next day to make sure that my change of address went through. I was able to stop by the old post office and ask them to check on it for me. They said that sometimes it can take a few days to process but were able to look my change of address up. They said everything looked to be in order and I was all set for my change of address.

Easy Process

I can’t believe how easy it was to do my change of address online. I didn’t have to go to the post office, but I am pretty happy they were able to look it up and check it out for me. It was very easy to do and convenient because I could fill everything out online and submit it right there. I am glad it was easy and it worked.

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