Change of Address USPS Moving Checklist


Change of location requires a lot of efforts and can be really difficult at times. With so many things to do, some of the important ones might slip from your memory and land you in trouble later. To ensure you remember everything and to make it easier, make a checklist and follow the following guide to make your move smoother:

Change of Address USPS Help

  1. Banks: Make sure that you have your bank branch nearby in your new location. If there is no branch there, you may need to switch your account to some other bank that has a branch that is easy to access.
  2. Transfer the things formally:  Formally resign or transfer your membership from any local organization, gym, etc. Please note that an early transfer may incur you termination charges.
  3. Prepare your Car: If your car is one of the items you are taking to your new place, just examine it properly in detail to ensure that the car did not suffer any damage while it was being moved. Be very careful with the packing of the car and remove all the movable objects. In case you are moving a short distance, you may go with your car but make sure to tune it up in advance so as to avoid any breakdown on the way.
  4. Change of Address: This is one of the points to be taken on highest priority.  To ensure that your mails do not land in to your old address, get your new address updated. The change of address USPS is the easiest and the fastest service you can have for an address change. The address gets updated into the system almost instantly.Head to the local post office or visit their website online and fill in the required details such as your name, current address, new address, date of movement and mention whether you are moving temporarily or permanently.
  5. Don’t dispose of your earlier phone number: While moving interstate, you might have to change your phone number but we strongly suggest not disposing it off.  There must be many of your connections that might be having your old number only and may call you on that number. To avoid any confusion, you may avail for a call forwarding service on your new number.
  6. Update your details in advance: Update your new contact details with your friends, family, relatives and the clients so as to remain connected while you move to a different location.
  7. Make a List: Prepare a list of all the things you would need at your new location. Also, sort out among what all things would you be taking along with you while you move and what will you leave behind for whatsoever reason.
  8. Contact the Movers: Reconfirm with the movers in advance. The arrangements must be made properly so as to avoid the panic in the eleventh hour. Inform the movers about the approximate quantity of your luggage so that they can arrange accordingly.


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